What Matters Most: How to Identify the Right Personal Injury Firm for You

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After being hurt in a car accident or suffering an on-the-job injury, all you want to do is get better and provide for your family while you heal. Unfortunately, too many obstacles can get in your way, making the road to recovery too bumpy for comfort. Those obstacles often include insurance challenges. That is why it is crucial that you have a personal injury attorney by your side—someone who can face those challenges for you so you can focus on your recovery.

But how do you choose the right PI lawyer for you? There are hundreds of them in the Twin Cities area to choose from. And here’s the thing—not every PI attorney and law firm is created equal. Here are a few factors that you can consider when deciding who to work with on your injury or workers’ compensation case.

Fast Turnaround or Comprehensive Settlement?

There are numerous injury firms out there that emphasize quick financial recoveries for their clients. What these firms don’t tell you is that such a fast turnaround may come at a big price. Most of the time, the early settlement offers from insurance companies are low-ball offers that will not cover all of your expenses, especially future expenses.

To do the best job for you, and to seek a settlement that accurately represents your current and potential future losses, your lawyer needs time. That time allows for proper data collection and assessment of your medical conditions.

Do yourself a favor—give yourself and your lawyer the time you need to seek the settlement you deserve.

Money Driven or Customer Driven?

Numerous PI law firms advertise fast recoveries and high settlements. They have catchy commercials and memorable phone numbers. But all the money and time they put into these efforts often mean that their direct client service suffers. They have call centers where you do not get to speak with a lawyer. They have so many cases that they don’t know you by name—instead, you are just another case file. You get form letters without any personalization.

If you want a hands-off experience, then firms like this may work well for you. But a firm with a stronger emphasis on client service, look for lawyers who:

  • Will assess your case up front
  • You can call and speak with when you need counsel
  • Will give you honest advice and guidance throughout the process
  • Make sure you are taken care of

Fresh Perspective or Experience?

New lawyers have a great deal of energy and a fresh perspective, which can be incredibly heartening when you are feeling down and out. But here’s the thing—you pay the same amount of money for a new lawyer as you do for an experienced lawyer. Why is that? Because Minnesota law governs the percentage that an attorney can make off of your personal injury settlement.

Regardless of Who You Choose, Call Someone Immediately

The first few hours and days after your accident are crucial ones. Evidence is fresh; witness recollections are clearer. Most importantly, by speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible after your injury, you take steps to protect yourself by getting guidance you can use when interacting with insurance adjusters and other parties. So if you have recently been hurt, and you haven’t spoken with an injury lawyer yet, pick up the phone and call one today.

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