5 of the Worst Mistakes You Can Make After a Car Crash

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We hate to say it, but car accidents do happen. And while you may think you know what to do if you happen to be in one, it’s easy to forget what to do when your adrenaline is high. It may feel as if the world is spinning around you, but you must keep calm and consider your actions in the moment.

5 of the Worst Mistakes You Can Make After a Car Crash

Even though the accident may be due to someone else’s mistake, there are some dangerous and costly mistakes you should avoid after a car crash.

1. Admit Fault

Sure, apologizing for the accident might seem like the Minnesota Nice thing to do. But it’s critical that you refrain from apologizing or even admitting that the accident might be your fault. Don’t admit anything before talking to an attorney. It might hurt your car accident claim, especially if you did nothing wrong.

2. Shrug Off Your Injuries

After any kind of trauma, it’s common to not feel the brunt of your injuries until later. That’s why you should always seek medical attention after an auto accident, regardless of how you feel at the moment. Some injuries such as whiplash may not appear until hours or days later. We commonly talk to victims of crashes that tell us a week after the accident that their back started hurting two or three days after the collision.

Holding off on getting treatment can make your injuries worse and may also hurt any injury claim you make due to the accident. Plus, if you decide to pursue legal assistance for compensation, you will need to have medical records to support your claim.

3. Tell the Insurance Company Too Much

Insurance companies don’t have your best interests at heart. It’s the adjuster’s job to save the company money. That’s why you should never give anything more to your insurance company than what’s required to file a claim.

Don’t discuss your injuries or what occurred during the accident until you speak with an attorney. By answering all of the insurance company’s questions without legal counsel first, you’re potentially opening yourself up to lower compensation for your claim.

Don’t provide any recorded statements. You have no legal obligation to provide a recorded statement to your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company.

4. Forget to Record What Happened

Always record what happened, in your own words, as soon as possible after the accident. After time passes, the events will begin to get fuzzy, which won’t help your insurance claim or legal case. Record everything that happened, including injuries and vehicle damage. It’s also a good idea to mention witnesses, weather conditions or any other pertinent information you think might be helpful to remember.

5. Fail to Call the Police

In Minnesota, you’re required to file a police report if:

  • The crash results in injury
  • The crash results in a death
  • The property damage totals $1,000 or more

Even you don’t suspect any injuries or if your vehicle has only minor damage, always call the police. This will ensure you get one critical part of every car crash claim—an official accident report.

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