How Do I Report My Injury?

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Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Minnesota

If you have been injured while on the job, or if you believe a health condition has been made worse due to your employment environment, make sure you report your injury as soon as possible. Minnesota has strict timeframes, or statutes of limitations, in which you must report your work-related injury or illness. Failure to do so could mean the complete loss of rights to any and all workers’ compensation benefits.

First Report: You Notify Your Employer of Your Injury or Illness

The first thing you should do after getting hurt at work is to tell your manager or other supervisor about your injury or illness.

Second Report: Your Employer Files a First Report of Injury Form

Employers must fill out state-required forms once they have notice of an employee’s injury or illness. The first form that employer must complete is the First Report of Injury (FROI). Cooperate with your employer if he or she asks you for information to help complete the form.

The form is due to the employer’s insurance company no later than 10 days from your date of injury. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) must receive a copy of the form if your disability lasts longer than three calendar days.

You should receive a copy of this form from either your employer or your employer’s insurer.

Third Report: Your Doctor Fills Out the Report of Work Ability Form

Your treating physician must fill out a Report of Work Ability form (RWA), which indicates any details relating to your physical limitations. You should then submit this form to both your employer and your employer’s insurance company.

Next Step: Wait for a Response

After the insurer has received all reports, you must wait for its response as to whether it approves or denies your claim.

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