What If My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

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Minnesota Law Mandates Workers’ Compensation Coverage

All employers in Minnesota must have workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance can come in one of two forms:

  • Insurance from a workers’ compensation insurance provider
  • Self-insurance

To ensure all employees are aware of this coverage, employers must post a Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Employees Rights and Responsibilities poster in an open, noticeable location. This poster must include information about the employer’s insurance carrier, including a contact name and phone number.

If you can’t find this information at your workplace, do not assume that your employer has no coverage. You can quickly look up whether your employer has coverage by using this free tool from the MN Department of Labor & Industry (DLI):

Workers’ Comp Insurance Verification Tool

Should you find no information about your employer here, you are not out luck. Minnesota provides for employees who not have work comp coverage through the Special Compensation Fund.

About Minnesota’s Special Compensation Fund

If you can find no information about your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy, you can request benefits from the Minnesota Special Compensation Fund (SCF). Members of the SCF unit will:

  • Investigate whether your employer has coverage
  • Pursue penalties against your employer if it should have provided you with coverage
  • Pay appropriate benefits to you, as long as your injury or illness qualifies under work comp laws

Get Help to Get the Work Comp Benefits You Deserve

Numerous employers in Minnesota attempt to fly under the radar when it comes to carrying state-mandated workers’ compensation insurance. You should not have to suffer for the willful disregard of the law and your wellbeing.

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