Winter-Weather Car Accidents

Winter Car Accidents

Injured in a Weather-Related Car Accident? Brazil Law Group in Minneapolis Can Help.

If you’ve been injured in a weather-related car accident—such as those that occurred while it’s snowing or raining—you might think there’s nothing you can do. However, bad weather conditions offer no excuse for reckless driving. You may still be entitled to compensation for your pain. But you may also need a tough and experienced lawyer on your side to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our personal injury attorneys at Brazil Law Group in Minneapolis understand the difficult consequences that can occur after a winter weather accident or other weather-related car crash. That’s why we do what it takes to ensure you get the care you need to get back to life.

Causes of Weather-Related Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents during bad weather are more common than you might think. Annually, over 900,000 accidents occur due to wet pavement of some kind and around 210,341 accidents occur due to snow and sleet.

These weather-related car accidents can occur for many reasons. In Minnesota, icy and snow-covered roads during winter months create hazardous driving conditions for even the most experienced drivers. But winter weather accidents aren’t the only weather-related crashes we see here in Minnesota. Additional driving complications can occur at any time of the year, such as:

  • Decreased visibility due to heavy rain
  • Sliding or hydroplaning due to water-covered roads
  • Flying debris and loss of control due to high winds
  • Downed power lines and broken traffic lights due to weather-related damage

Does Bad Weather Mean Zero Liability for an Accident?

If you experience a car accident during bad weather, does that mean the other driver is no longer liable? No! In fact, safe driving practices are still a requirement, no matter how harsh the weather might be.

Some safe driving practices include:

  • Obeying posted speed limits
  • Reducing speed during bad weather conditions
  • Signaling to communicate intentions to turn or change lanes
  • Making proper turns by slowing down before executing
  • Practicing distraction-free driving
  • Stopping at traffic lights and posted signs

So Who Is at Fault for a Weather-Related Crash?

Individuals who fail to practice safe driving and engage in actions resulting in car crashes can be held liable, regardless of the weather. Although liability can be more difficult to prove when bad weather is at play, it is far from impossible.

Some liability concerns that do arise during weather-related crash investigations include:

  • The actions of each driver involved in the crash
  • Road conditions at and around the accident site

There are a few things you can know for sure when it comes to determining fault in a weather-related crash. Weather and poor road conditions are never at fault for auto accidents. And bad weather is never a proper defense when it comes to determining fault. Finally, all drivers are expected to act reasonably and responsibly when driving in poor weather conditions.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get Compensation After a Bad Weather Accident?

In short, yes. This type of claim requires an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer to help build your case. It requires an attorney who can help you understand fault as it relates to insurance, compensation and more. It requires a solid case based on the right evidence, the right knowledge and the right type of approach—the type of case the attorneys at Brazil Law Group can build on your behalf.

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you need to move forward after a weather-related accident.

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