6 Safety Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

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November is just around the corner. We all know what that means: winter is coming to Minnesota. To help you prepare for the snow, freezing rain, ice and slush, we’ve created a list of safety measures you can take to best avoid personal injury and property damage.

Tips for Drivers to Stay Safe on the Roads

As experienced car accident lawyers in Minneapolis, we know auto accidents are all too common during the winter months due to poor road conditions and bad judgment. We believe that you can protect yourself and your car by following these winter weather driving safety tips:

  1. Keep a winter kit in your car and fill it with flashlights, jumper cables, blankets, shovels, flags and flares. This way, you have what you need in case your car breaks down.
  2. Watch weather reports before you hit the road, whether you are heading to work or starting a holiday road trip.
  3. Slow down and increase your distance from the car in front of you. Black ice and other slippery conditions can cause you to lose control of your car. With additional room around your vehicle, you should hopefully be able to regain control without damage or injury.
  4. Make sure your gas tank is always at least half full. This helps avoid any potential gas line freezing.
  5. Avoid skidding by getting to know your brakes. Practice driving in snow covered parking lots and get comfortable applying slow and steady pressure to your brakes. Hitting the brakes too fast can lead to skidding, sliding or spinning.
  6. If you get stuck in the snow, do not overexert yourself trying to shovel your way out. Your best bet is to stay inside the car, call for help and do your best to keep warm.

Share Your Safety Tips for Winter Weather Driving With Us

So, what do you think? Is this list complete? If not, are there other tactics you employ to avoid auto collisions? Who knows – your new tip might just mean fewer car accidents on Minnesota roadways this year.

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