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Here at Brazil Law Group, we’re always ready and willing to share our knowledge and insights about safe cycling, pedestrian and bicycle crashes and the law.

Since 2016, we’ve had the privilege to share those insights by partnering with Our Streets Minneapolis, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making Minneapolis a place where biking, walking and rolling are easy and safe for all.

Over the past 5+ years, we’ve published numerous articles about everything from bike crash claims to a victim’s rights. Below, you’ll find a roundup of these pieces for you to enjoy and learn from.

Our Featured Articles on Our Streets Minneapolis

  1. Post-COVID-19: Ease Back Into the World by Biking: As vaccines roll out and many of us return to work, biking is a great way to ease back into the world. This post dives into everything you need to know before your first commute.
  2. Tips for Your First Winter Bike Ride, Walk or Roll: Even though Minnesota can be bitterly cold during the winter, many cyclists choose to commute via bike. If you want to do the same, you’ll want to read these tips first.
  3. Is a Strong Bike Crash Claim Possible Without a Police Report?: You can file a crash claim without a police report. Discover how to strengthen your bike crash claim in this post.
  4. Healthy Trips, Healthy City: A Minneapolis Attorney’s Perspective: Healthy Trips, Healthy City is a project developed by Our Streets Minneapolis that includes wayfinding assistance in the city and more. In this post, our fearless leader Dan Brazil shares his thoughts about the program.
  5. Vision Zero: A Pedestrian, Cyclist & Attorney’s Perspective: We believe continued advocacy and infrastructure improvement are the answer to preventing traffic crashes within Minneapolis. That’s why we believe Minneapolis’ Vision Zero plan is a great place to start.
  6. What Minnesota, Tennessee, & New York Can Teach Us About Biking Infrastructure: Minnesota, Tennessee and New York all have one thing in common: protected bike lanes. And although there’s always more we can do, these lanes are a great first step towards improved infrastructure.
  7. Car-Free Streets: Are They the Answer to Safer Cycling?: In October 2019, New York City banned motorized vehicles from Manhattan’s 14th Street. Is that the answer to safer cycling? Find out more inside this post.
  8. Understanding Your Rights After a Bike Crash in Minnesota: How do you protect yourself after a crash? What are your rights? This post answers your questions to help you stay prepared if the worst should occur.
  9. Crashes: Could Our Systems Be At Fault?: Could our systems and infrastructure be at fault for the increasing number of crashes happening in urban locations? It’s possible.
  10. What to Do If a Person Driving Hits You While You’re Biking: There are certain steps you should take after a crash to ensure your safety, including checking yourself for injuries.
  11. How to Find a Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Finding an experienced attorney is critical for protecting your rights after a bike crash. This post explains how to find the right attorney for you.
  12. The Dangers of Speaking to the Insurance Company After a Bike Crash: The truth is, the insurance company isn’t your friend. Read this post before you call your insurer after an accident.
  13. When GoPro Cameras Help Twin Cities Bicyclists: Using a video camera when you ride your bike could be beneficial in the event of an accident. The video footage could also lead to an arrest or settlement in court, depending on the circumstances.
  14. Who Pays the Bills After a Bike Crash?: The answer? It depends. This post explains who should be responsible for helping you pay your medical bills and other expenses.
  15. How to Get Repairs and Medical Bills Paid for After a Bike Crash: There are many expenses after a bike crash, including medical bills and bike repairs. Is there relief available? This post explains.
  16. Getting Doored: A Lawyer’s Insight: Getting “doored” is one of the scariest situations a cyclist can experience. This post explains what you can do next.
  17. When & How to Report a Bike Crash: You should call 911 as soon as you experience a bicycle crash. This post explains when you should report your accident and what to expect.

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