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Many decades ago, cyclists won the right to ride on the road after a long legal battle. Now, bicycles and cars must safely share the road. Minnesota laws, specifically those found in Minnesota Statute 169.222, list the requirements that cyclists and drivers must abide by. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of these requirements, which often leads to unsafe conditions and personal injury accidents.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, make sure you hire an injury attorney who understands the unique issues you face. Your attorney must be familiar with local and state laws—and, preferably, should also be a cyclist like you. You’ll find that lawyer in Daniel J. Brazil.

Why Choose Dan Brazil for Your Bicycle Crash Claim?

Bike Law USA BadgeIn addition to being an avid cyclist and a dedicated personal injury attorney with offices in Uptown, Dan has made it a mission of his to be a fierce advocate for pedestrian and cyclist rights.

  • Dan is a member of the Bike Law Network and lead attorney of Bike Law Minnesota.
  • Dan is a sponsor of, blog contributor to, and overall advocate for the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.
  • Dan offices and lives in Uptown. He and his family regularly bike throughout the city, both on city streets and on the many bike paths throughout the Twin Cities.
  • Dan creates great resources for cyclists, including this infographic.

In the end, it is why Dan does this that makes him such a great choice. When asked why he puts a great emphasis on pedestrian and bicyclist advocacy and education, Dan said this:

“I would rather spend my time educating people on their rights and responsibilities so they can avoid accidents, rather than step in after a bike crash. If this means working myself out of a job, I’m all for it.”

Injuries and Fault in Bicycle Accidents

According to current statistics, cyclists and motor vehicle drivers share equal blame for the bicycle accidents that occur. For instance, drivers might:

  • Pull out in front of a cyclist at the last minute
  • Turns right across a marked bike lane
  • Change lanes without signaling
  • Door a cyclist (open a car door and knock a cyclist off the bike)

Often, drivers will claim they didn’t see the bike or cyclist before the accident occurred. Let’s make this clear now: Not seeing a biker who is there to be seen is not an excuse. The driver is still liable.

Causes of bicycle accidents also occur due to cyclist negligence. Some examples include when cyclists:

  • Forget to signal turns
  • Bike in an erratic manner (swerving in an out of traffic)
  • Neglect to use lights and reflectors at night
  • Fail to abide by traffic signs and signals

Oftentimes, however, cause and fault are not immediately clear. That is where it is helpful to have Minneapolis bike attorney Daniel J. Brazil by your side. He knows how to identify fault and liability, and he knows how to prepare a personal injury claim for court.

What’s more, Dan has been dealing with bicycle bias for years. With the growing number of cyclists on our roads and bike lanes in the Twin Cities, knowing you have an advocate on your side is critical to protecting your rights if you are injured.

Cyclists, know your rights and responsibilities to stay safer on the roads. Download our Minnesota bike law infographic!

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