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Representation Against DUI/DWI

Losing a loved one due to a drunk driving accident is an extremely difficult time. In Minnesota, drinking and driving is a leading cause of car accidents. Although public awareness has decreased the number of accidents, these tragic and avoidable situations still occur.

The law can never replace a loved one or undo an injury. However, it can provide you or your family with justice, allowing those harmed to recover money damages for harms and losses, including but not limited to lost wages, and other financial losses. Our attorneys at Brazil Law Group aggressively pursue justice for the innocent involved in these cases.

Minnesota Law and Your Drunk Driving Case

For those who live in the state of Minnesota, there are protections in place. In our state, those harmed can sue a drunk driver under the general laws of negligence. A driver can receive a drinking while intoxicated charge if found operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohollevel of .08 or higher.

If the drunk driver isn’t insured or if the driver is underinsured, drinking establishments such as bars and other locations can be held responsible under the Dram Shop Liquor Liability statute. Also known as a bar, restaurant or other location where alcohol is consumed, a “dram shop” may be held responsible for any damages caused by an individual who is intoxicated.

Preserve Your Rights With an Experienced Attorney

Alcohol-related accidents can sometimes cause serious and deadly injuries such as head and spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and wrongful death. It’s important that you preserve your rights by reaching out to an experienced attorney.

At Brazil Law Group, we help you pursue every single option available. We fight for you and stay by your side even during trial. We believe in justice being served for those who afflict the physical and emotional pain that comes from drunk-driving accidents. If you or a family member have suffered an accident, it’s important to preserve evidence and investigate immediately.

Upon being injured in an automobile accident and beginning to be swept into the nameless, faceless insurance machine, I sought the services of Dan Brazil. I met with Dan to determine what my options were and his knowledge and expertise was unquestionable. I knew I would be well taken care of with the options presented to me.

J.E., Princeton, MN

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