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Semi truck accidents are frightening and sometimes involve serious injury. While you’re trying to recover from these injuries, you might find it difficult to navigate the ins and outs of your claim. You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, an experienced semi truck accident attorney can make the process simpler and increase the probability of success.

At Brazil Law Group, we aim to be your advocate during this time, educating you along the way. We help you navigate the insurance and personal injury claim process and support you during any legal challenges that arise.

Federal and State Laws and Regulations Are On Your Side

Semi truck cases often involve claims against negligent truck drivers and the companies who hire them. In the state of Minnesota, these trucks are different than small vehicle accidents from a legal perspective. In fact, there are strict state and federal regulations that must be followed that are crucial to your claim.

These regulations and the safety standards these truck drivers must meet provide the basis for establishing fault on the part of the trucking company and the driver. Often, these accidents are caused by:

  • Driver negligence
  • Lack of alertness and fatigue
  • Overloaded freight
  • High speeds

In these types of accidents, federal law, state law and our attorneys are on your side.

Why Choose Brazil Law Group for Your Semi Truck Accident Claim?

We treat semi truck accident cases differently than other automobile accident cases. They require unique legal action because they’re not necessarily associated with a typical automobile collision. At Brazil Law Group, our personal injury attorneys have experience with these types of cases and ensure our clients are fairly compensated for their emotional and physical hurt.

Your Advocate for Motorcycle Accidents

With over 20 years of experience, Brazil Law Group has been serving clients throughout the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Uptown with personal service. We are passionate about being your advocate during your personal injury case, using our industry knowledge to further your cause.

I was in an accident regarding a commercial vehicle. The accident left me injured and unable to do many everyday things. I decided to seek counsel and happened to hear about Dan Brazil and his law firm. I wasn’t sure what to expect or even what to do after the accident so I made the first appointment. Within days I was relieved when Dan gave me expert advice and defined the options that were available to me. From the very first appointment the entire staff did everything they could to make me feel right at home.

R. Mitchell — Minneapolis, MN.

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