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As a home owner or car owner in Minnesota, you are required to carry property and liability insurance. You also have access to several voluntary insurance options, such as life insurance, long-term care insurance and individual health insurance. You rely on your insurance company or companies to step in and support you when you need to make a claim. Unfortunately, what should be a simple process often leads to complex insurance claim disputes that you most likely can’t win on your own.

That is where we come in. At Brazil Law Group, we advocate for our clients, fighting hard on their behalf to get their valid insurance claims addressed quickly and properly. With offices located in the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis, we are available to assist clients throughout the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota. Our lawyers have more than 15 years of experience handling personal injury, wrongful death and insurance dispute litigation.

Insurance Company Tactics

If you have ever filed an insurance claim, you have likely encountered one of the many tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying out on policies. In our experience, the biggest tactics companies use are to ignore, delay or outright deny valid claims.

  • Ignore: One of the simplest ways a company will get out of handling claims is to ignore their policy holders. They may avoid phone calls or take up diversionary tactics such as continually passing policy holders from claims specialist to claims specialist. The goal here is to frustrate the holder enough so that he or she gives up.
  • Delay: Claims specialists are encouraged to delay taking action on claims at all stages of the process. They may take several days to return phone calls and weeks to follow up on paperwork. Even if they agree to make a payment, they can still delay in printing and sending out your check.
  • Deny: Was your insurance claim denied? You should know you are not alone. By far, the biggest tactic companies will employ will be to deny perfectly valid claims. The truth is most people are never sure when or how to dispute a denied claim, so companies get away with this more often than we’d ever like to imagine.

How to Dispute an Insurance Claim

The best way to dispute a claim is to hire an experienced Minneapolis injury attorney who knows what it takes to get a paid claim after a car accident or other situation. Our team has handled numerous cases involving disputed claims and reluctant insurance companies. We stay on top of your claim, from the initial filing through to settlement. If at any time your insurance company makes it clear that they will not pay, we will not hesitate to take your insurance claim dispute case to trial.

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