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Bike Law USA BadgeSpeaking with an attorney after a bike crash is one of the most important things you can do. With a lawyer’s assistance, you can gain the knowledge and confidence you require to get the compensation you deserve. But not just any lawyer will do. When seeking a lawyer for your case, you want to make sure he or she has:

  • Extensive experience in handling personal injury cases
  • Proven results for past clients
  • The ability to help you clearly understand what you are facing
  • Compassion for what you are going through

At Brazil Law Group—located in the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis—our mission is to help people get through the overwhelming and challenging legal and medical processes that follow a bike accident. As cyclists ourselves, we know what it’s like to ride on bike paths and in bike lanes. We know what is required of cyclists and of drivers when sharing the road. And we fully understand the importance of acting quickly and adeptly on your behalf to learn about you, your accident, your medical needs and more.

Dedicated to You

While nothing in the law is guaranteed, you can rest assured that when you choose to work with our injury law firm, you will have a team who is fully dedicated to educating, guiding and supporting you throughout your claim.

You will understand the process. We will give you a clear description of what you can expect as you pursue compensation for your injuries. We lay out the road map of what you can expect and what you will need to participate in as the process moves forward. And all along the way, we encourage you to reach out any time you have questions or concerns.

Dan and his staff were always courteous and professional. He is honest and trustworthy, and I was grateful to have his help navigating a complex and difficult process. He is a strong advocate, and it was a comfort to know I had a dedicated representative in my corner. I would not hesitate to call Dan again, and I would recommend him to anyone who has had a bike incident.


You will know and understand your options. As experienced trial attorneys, we know that trial is not always the best solution. We also know that heading into settlement without a clear strategy leads to poor results. And we know when negotiations and settlements are a waste of time. We will help you know which paths make the most sense for your claim so you can make an educated decision on how we work together to resolve your claim.

After I got hit by a driver while biking through downtown Minneapolis, Dan was very helpful with navigating an unfamiliar process. He made sure I got checked out physically, so that if I had health issues later on, insurance would cover it. My bike was totaled in the crash, too, and he was especially great with navigating communications with an insurance company when I was worried about saying the wrong thing and having to replace the bike out of my own pocket. This was the first crash in my life — I was unsure what to do, and Dan made the whole thing easy.


You will have dedicated advocates working to get you the recovery you need. Whether you need help recouping lost wages, getting reimbursed for medical expenses, or simply getting paid to repair or replace your damaged bike and gear, you can count on us. Helping you get on your feet, onto your bike and out into the world is our primary goal, and we will stick with you for as long as that may take.

I retained Dan after I was hit by a car while riding my bike to work. My left leg had major breaks in both bones below the knee and I was unable to do anything without the aid of others. The entire process took a while (as with any case) but with Dan’s help, it was incredibly easy going. He was right there at all times whenever I needed advice or had a question regarding my case. He was very easy to work with every step of the way. I would hate to see anyone get hurt like I did but if anything similar happened to anyone I know, I would not hesitate sending them straight to Dan. In my opinion, there is no better, worthwhile lawyer a person could ask for. Dan is a real person, not just a lawyer who is there to make a paycheck. Overall, I couldn’t possibly be happier with the way everything turned out while working with him.


Focused on Results

A serious bike crash can have lasting effects on your life. There is nothing anyone can do or say to take away the accident, the injuries and the losses you’ve sustained. But there are steps we can take to seek the financial compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering and require for your medical bills, lost wages, loss of future income and more. When you hire us, we will doggedly pursue maximum compensation in your bicycle accident case.

$85,000 settlement for a 19-year-old bicyclist who was struck by a drunk driver
after that driver ran a stop sign

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Geared Toward Making a Safer Ride for All

Education is a big part of our practice. We make an effort to educate the community on aspects involving cyclists, cyclist rights, things to know to prepare yourself and react to a crash, and much more. We have compiled a great list of resources to help cyclists, bike advocates and others in the Minneapolis area. Take a look at what we have, and reach out to us if there are any topics you would like to learn more about.

Read Our Bike Crash & Cyclist Rights Resources

We have also teamed up with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. We are a several-time sponsor of Minneapolis Bike Week and Minneapolis Bike Month and a regular contributor to their blog. We have also worked together to present free coffee talks with the public on items related to biking and the law. Keep an eye on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition’s calendar to stay in the know on upcoming events.

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