Product Recalls and Children’s Toys: What You Need to Know

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When you buy a gift for a child, you do so in the hopes that it will bring them joy, educate them, enlighten and enliven them. You likely never consider the possibility that it could do them harm.

Every year, companies recall a surprising number of toys, games and other children’s products for various reasons. Some toys present choking hazards, others can cause fires or burns, and some are still found to contain lead or other dangerous substances. In every case, it is important to act quickly to prevent a toy from causing children harm.

What to Do When Buying Something for a Child

Recalling a dangerous product is wonderful, in theory. In practice, it is not an effective means of preventing injuries caused from already-purchased toys.

What are the chances that you will hear about a recalled toy unless it has already harmed your child?

Some manufacturers of children’s products give you the opportunity to register the product. Registration greatly increases the odds that you will receive notice before a dangerous product can hurt your child. Fill out the registration provided to you. While filling out the form may seem like a way to end up on a junk mail list, it can protect your child in the event of a safety alert or recall.

Recall Resources

There are several ways to seek out information on recalled toys and other children’s products:

  • The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is generally in charge of recalling defective toys. The CPSC maintains a website listing recent recalls. You can search for a specific product by name or the company that manufactured it.
  • Several government agencies have also joined together to create in an attempt to broadly disseminate information about dangerous products.
  • The group Safe Kids Worldwide has also created a website designed to help parents keep track of recalls of toys and other products that have the potential to harm children.

Any of these sites can direct you to information about which products have recall notices and what type of danger each product poses to your child.

The Sad Reality

In truth, most people only learn about a recalled toy when they search for answers following an injury or death. If your child has suffered an injury due to an unsafe product, you may have a claim for compensation. While no amount of money can make up for the harm done to your child, compensation can cover medical expenses and help you address the physical and emotional suffering your child experienced.

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