Bike Accident? Here’s What to Do Next.

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Thousands of bike accidentshappen around the country each year. In 2017 alone, 783 cyclists lost their lives due to crashes and many walked away with injuries both minor and severe. To best protect yourself, take some time to prepare for a bike accident before it happens.

5 Steps to Take Immediately After a Bicycle Crash

Before you do anything else, reach out for help and medical attention. Whether you’re visibly injured or not, don’t wait. Some injuries may not show immediately due to adrenaline. Immediately call 9-1-1 for assistance.

  1. Move away from the road: If you’re able, move away from the road to avoid further injuries. You should also try to move your bike or any other gear away from the road if possible.
  2. Obtain driver’s contact information: If a motor vehicle driver was involved, obtain their phone number, address and insurance information. A license plate number is also helpful. If you can’t get it yourself, ask a witness for help.
  3. Gather photos and evidence: Take a few photos of your bike, your clothes, the vehicle involved (if applicable) and the scene of the accident. You may need these photos if you take legal action.
  4. Write down the details: While it’s fresh in your mind, take a moment to write down what happened. Explain the accident in as much detail as possible. As you navigate the process of insurance and/or legal action, this information will be helpful.
  5. Call an attorney: We recommend reaching out to an attorney who can help you regain your losses such as medical costs, pain and suffering, and property damage.

The Aftermath: What to Do After Bike Accident Resolution

After your accident, you’ll need to take some time to properly heal before getting back out on the road. You’ll also want to take these extra steps:

  • Speak to your insurance carrier: If you have insurance, you’ll need to speak to your insurance carrier to determine what they cover with regard to medical bills, lost wages and more. Discuss what you should and shouldn’t say to your insurer (or the at-fault driver’s insurer) with your attorney first before making any calls.
  • Get your bike repaired by a professional or purchase a new one: Get your bike repaired correctly to avoid other accidents stemming from issues with your bike. Call a professional that can properly assess your bike or purchase a new one to ensure everything is in good working order. And, of course, work with your attorney to see if you can get any compensation for those repairs or a bike replacement after the accident if you were hit by someone driving a car.

Injured in a Bike Accident? Reach Out for Help.

No matter how safe you ride, accidents still happen. If you’ve been injured in a bike crash, you don’t have to navigate the aftermath alone. Reach out to Brazil Law Group today by calling 612-874-6109 or send us a message.

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