Will Lyndale Avenue Updates Cut Down on Bike & Pedestrian Accidents?

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If you live in or around the Twin Cities, you’ve probably driven down Lyndale Avenue. After all, it’s one of the most popular streets in Minneapolis, as it’s the corridor between Franklin Avenue and Lake Street. Unfortunately, it’s also a common place for bike and pedestrian accidents.

Three out of 10 of the most dangerous intersections in Minneapolis are on Lyndale. And according to the most recent comprehensive study completed, Lyndale Avenue is a part of the High Injury Network. This network includes streets featuring a trend of severe or fatal crashes involving bikes, pedestrians and vehicles.

In short, Lyndale Avenue can be a dangerous place. Luckily, cycling and transportation advocates have been working hard, pushing for updates to the street before any more lives are lost.

The Current Planned Updates to Lyndale

Currently, there’s a plan in place to overhaul Lyndale and improve its safety for all. According to Hennepin County, the 2021 plan includes work involving the 25th and 27th intersections in hopes to improve the crossing experience, increase visibility and reduce the number of conflict points.

To make it happen, Hennepin County plans to:

  • Replace the temporary delineators installed at 25th and 27th intersections with a raised center median
  • Add marked crosswalks at 25th and 27th streets
  • Add flashing pedestrian crossing beacons
  • Improve lighting at the 25th and 27th street intersections
  • Upgrade pedestrian curb ramps

Recently, another safety improvement was announced involving performing a 4-3 conversion on Lyndale. Through this step, a 4-lane street without a center median is transformed to have two car travel lanes in each direction with a two-way center turn lane. Studies show these conversions can greatly reduce accident numbers.

Will the Updates Be Enough?

Here at Brazil Law Group, we’re grateful to Hennepin County for implementing plans to improve Lyndale Avenue and the surrounding areas. We believe that these updates will help protect the hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians that use Lyndale each day.

Yet, will the updates be enough? We also believe there’s always room for improvement, especially within the Minneapolis infrastructure. Lyndale Avenue isn’t the only dangerous place for cyclists and pedestrians in the Twin Cities. Other streets that could use a makeover include Broadway, 38th Street and Lake.

We hope that the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County don’t lose the momentum gained in the past few years. We look forward to seeing what updates are completed this year and what we can expect in 2022.

Hurt on Lyndale Avenue? We Can Help!

Have you been hurt in an accident on Lyndale in Minneapolis? If so, the attorneys at Brazil Law Group are here to help. To learn more about your accident or to speak with an attorney, give us a call at 612-874-6109 or send us a message.

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