Biking to Work During a Pandemic: One Commuter’s Story

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to work from home in the past year. Luckily for me, I was able to come into the office. Getting to work, however, proved to have quite the learning curve.

I’m no stranger to the city’s transportation methods; I’m a proud and retired metro transit rider. But biking to my new job after graduation posed more challenges than I expected.

Challenge #1: The Gear

I first had to figure out gear. As the rookie that I am, my search for biking gear came from saved Instagram posts (for aesthetics, of course), brand searching and Google Ads. For instance, I found my current helmet with the search “best chic biking helmet.”

Challenge #2: The Bike

I had a bike that I thought would be just fine for commuting purposes. After a week of consistent riding, however, I realized it was far too big for me. Plus, the seat sucked and I needed a basket for my backpack.

Unfortunately, the pandemic caused a bike shortage. I settled on using Nice Ride bicycles until I can get my own bike. Nice Ride bikes are great; they’re super convenient, affordable and they have a basket for my backpack.

Challenge #3: The Time of Day

I learned quickly that timing was crucial for my commute. For instance, I found that Nice Ride bikes had some technical issues (as expected) that confined me to a slower pace.

Also, I’m not the fastest rider. So, I had to accommodate for some time in the mornings. Riding on the Greenway made the route easier. (The blow of being passed by cyclists in full gear was something I’ve still not grown accustomed to, however.)

It’s Gotten Easier, and Spring Is on the Way

Bike commuting to and from work in Minneapolis has become easier with inner-city bike pathways. And, despite all the technical challenges that came along with adjusting to biking to work, I’m looking forward to spring commutes.

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